Install Rails 2 and Rails 3 with rvm on Ubuntu

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The Step-by-Step Guide shows you How to Install Rails2 together with Rails3 by RVM(Ruby Version Manager) on Ubuntu Linux.

This tutorial will show You how to install, manage and switch between “Rails 2” and “Rails 3” on Ubuntu Linux 9.0.4 and above…

The process should work “as is” on a fresh install with your User Inserted on the “admin” Group.

Ruby on Ubuntu
  1. Installing Useful & Needed Packages

    $ sudo apt-get install subversion git autoconf bison sqlite3 zlib1g-dev libyaml-dev curl
  2. How to Install RVM for Ubuntu.

    Installing RVM for Ubuntu
  3. Installation of Rails2 This will begin by the installation of a supporting ruby version. So type now in terminal the following:

    $ rvm install 1.8.7

    After the task has been successfully done we select by rvm this ruby by:

    $ rvm use 1.8.7

    Now we can provide directly to Rail2’s installation:

    $ rvm gem install -v=2.3.8 rails

    Check than your rails has been installed by:

    $ rails -v

    that should result in a href=”rails 2.3.8″ Is important now provide to reinstall the right rubygems version for our Rails2 by:

    $ wget
    $ tar zxvf rubygems-1.5.0.tgz
    $ cd rubygems-1.5.0
    $ ruby setup.rb

    Check the version of rubygems is correct:

    $ gem -v

    Finally, you should provide to check your Rails2’s installation is working by:

    $ rails test

    that should result in producing the usual Rails2 application’s scheme.

  4. Installation of Rails3

    $ rvm install 1.9.2-head
    $ rvm use --default 1.9.2-head
    $ ruby -v
    $ rvm gem install --pre rails
    $ rails -v
    $ rails new ./testrails3

Good luck! :)

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