Installing A Cms for Django on Mac Os X

May 25, 2011 | By Duchateaux.

This tutorial take one of the most evolute CMS Django package and make it working on Mac os x.
This package is: djnago-cms
The prerequisites are Python, virtualenv, virtualenvwrapper
Start by making virtualenv on your virtualenv’s location:

cd $HOME/your-virtualenv-directory
virtualenv django-cms

Provide directly to install django-cms and his dependencies:

sudo pip install -E django-cms django-cms

Wait until all stuff has been installed.
After we follow to install some needed packages:

sudo pip install -E django-cms django-appmedia
sudo pip install -E django-cms pil

To complete the installation some database’s adapters.
Example if you think to work with PostgreSQL and MySQL:

sudo pip install -E django-cms psycopg2
sudo pip install -E django-cms MySQL-python

Now you will be ready to use your newly installed CMS.
Start a testing project.

cd django-cms startproject testing

For to make easier your setup django-cms folks has prepared some scripts ready to startup.
Start by removing the existing one:

cd testing

Download the substitutes already compiled for your test:

curl -O
curl -O

After make the template’s directory and download a precompiled template:

mkdir templates
cd templates
curl -O

This test will be done using the existing database: sqlite3.

cd ..
python syncdb --all

You will be asked to make an admin, take note of data inserted for login on admin interface.

python migrate --fake
python runserver

Now you can start to test and playing with your new CMS at:

Give it the user and password you choose during database creation.

Start to Execute and Enjoy in your New Ground ;)
Next I will try to post some Useful Tut on Making some Stuff…

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