Set/Change the Mouse Speed Linux/Unix Terminal Command Line With Best SetUp

February 8, 2012 | By Duchateaux.

This Tip Show How to Set-Up the Mouse Acceleration Linux Command Line for to have a Better Performing Mouse on Linux.

The Values Indicated has been Tested to Give the Best Performance for Mouses on Linux.

Linux Penguin Popey
The Command to manually Set the Mouse Speed and Acceleration in Terminal is like:


You need to give an Integer value for ACCELERATION and THERESHOLD.
The THERESOLD value set the number of Pixels Change in a Short Period for Activate the Boosting ACCELERATION.
So if you set the THERESHOLD to 1 you mouse will be Always Accelerated.

xset m 5 1

To Reset your Setting:

xset m default

my Best Setting is :)

xset m 10 1
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