How to Install Amazon S3 Linux Client on Opensuse 11-12 Milestone KDE

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This Article Shows You How to Install on Linux OpenSuse 11-12 Milestone KDE an Amazon S3 Manager Free Client.

The Screenshots of Installation Correspond to the Install on a OpenSuse 12 KDE Desktop but the Procedure on Gnome, XFCE… Should be Much Similar.

Following the Easiest and Practicable Way I have Expressly Excluded the Use of Terminal Commands here.

So Take the Time of Carefully Reading and Executing the Instructions Contained Here and All should Work Like a Breeze :)

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  1. Download with your Browser the Amazon S3 Client .rpm Release from Link Below

    Download from the List the .rpm that Correspond to OpenSuse Installation Architecture.
  2. Select the Open with Package Installer Option

    We Suppose that you Browser like Firefox will Prompt you About the Downloading Procedure to Follow like Here.

    Install Amazon S3 Client Dragondisk 1

  3. Confirm to Start Downloading and InstallingInstall Amazon S3 Client Dragondisk 2

  4. After a Successful Installation you can Start Dragondisk

    Applications >> Internet >> Amazon S3 ClientInstall Amazon S3 Client Dragondisk 3

Below a Tutorial for Connecting and Getting-Started with Dragondisk and S3 on Linux.

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