How to Install Eclipse 2019-06 R IDE Java EE for Linux Mint 13 Maya Mate Easy Visual-Guide

July 30, 2012 | By Regaz.

This Tut Show How to Install and Getting-Started with the Latest Eclipse 2023-03 R IDE JEE for Linux 13 Maya Mate Desktop.

There is the Possibility also to Install the Eclipse Platform via apt-get But the Ubuntu 12 Precise apt Repositories from which Linux Mint 13 Maya Depends are still Back to Eclipse 3.7 Indigo.

So at the Moment if you want Install the Latest Eclipse 2023-03 R Build on Linux Mint Maya 13 you will Need to Download and Install Eclipse 2023-03 R JEE Release for Linux.

The contents give Focus only to the Essential Instructions and Commands so to make the Tut easier to understand ;)

How to Install Eclipse C++ on Mageia
  1. Download Eclipse 2023-03 R IDE JEE:

    Eclipse 2023-03 R IDE JEE 32bit
  • Double-Click Archive and Extract Eclipse into /tmp
    Linux Mint 13 Mate Install Eclipse JEE Extraction

  • Open Terminal Window
    Linux Mint 13 Mate Open Terminal

  • Relocating Eclipse.


    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then see: How to Enable sudo

    sudo chown -R root:root /tmp/eclipse && mv /tmp/eclipse /opt/
  • Starting Eclipse from Terminal.

    Making a Symlink

    ln -s /opt/eclipse/eclipse /usr/local/bin/eclipse

    After you can Start Eclipse JEE from Terminal simply with:

  • Create a Launcher for Easy-Starting:

    How to Create a Launcher on Mint

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