Linux Desktop How to Properly Set the Application Launcher Category for Main Menu

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The Article Describe How to Properly Set-Up the Category for the Main Applications Menu on a Linux Desktop Launcher.

The Standard is Managed by Organization.

At this Time it should be the Same for All Main Linux Desktops:

  • Gnome

  • Xfce

  • Lxde

  • Unity

  • Enlightenment


The Contents and Details of Post are Expressly Essentials to Give Focus Only to the Essentials Instructions and Commands and Make the Tut Easier to Understand ;)

Linux Desktops
  1. Open for Editing File .desktop on:

  2. Modify or Add the “Categories” Entry (It is Case-Sensitive)

    As Specified from freedesktop you Need to Set At Least One Main Category from the List of 10 Categories Enabled!

    Main Categories
    • AudioVideo

      A multimedia (audio/video) application.

    • Development

      An application for development.

    • Education

      Educational software.

    • Game

      A game.

    • Graphics

      Graphical application.

    • Network

      Network application such as a web browser.

    • Office

      An office type application.

    • Settings

      Settings applications.

    • System

      System application, “System Tools” such as say a log viewer or network monitor.

    • Utility

      Small utility application, “Accessories”.

    Only the Main Categories Generates a Correspondent Application Menu Entry.

    You Can Not Set a Custom Application Menu Entry just Because the Main Categories are Managed by freedesktop Standardization.

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