Pear Linux Gnome 3 How to Create New App Launcher

September 29, 2012 | By Duchateaux.

Pear Linux Create Launcher

This Article shows you How to Create a New Application Launcher on Pear Linux 5-6-7 GNOME 3 Desktop.

The Practical Example Here Illustrated is About Adding the Firefox Nightly Entry inside to the Internet Section a Pear Linux 5 Distro.

The Essential Tip to Take Into Account if that the Alacarte Tool Need to be Fired-Up as Normal User and Not as SuperUser…

The Technique is Useful for Adding Any New Software on a GNOME 3 Linux Desktop.

  1. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Pear Linux 5 >> Terminal.

    Pear-Linux 5 Open Terminal

  2. Fire-Up Alacarte Main-Menu Editor


  3. Click on New Item
    Pear Linux 5 - GNOME 3 Create Application Launcher Main Menu Ad New Item

  4. Fill In At Least Name and Command

    Possibly you Can Browse the File System to Find the Executable in Question.

    Pear Linux 5 - GNOME 3 Create Create New App Launcher Properties

    After if you Do Not Find it and Need Help to Locating the Icon Look:

    Linux How to Locate Command
  5. The New App Launcher

    Pear Linux 5 - GNOME 3 New App Launcher Created
    Pear Linux 5 - GNOME 3 New App Launcher on Desktop

Howto Install Firefox Aurora on Pear Linux 5:

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