Windows 7 How to Enable Tidy and Other PHP5 Modules

October 10, 2012 | By Duchateaux.

The Guide shows you How to Enable Tidy and Other PHP Modules for PHP 5 Release on Windows 7 32bit/64bit.

To the Post Top Guide to Correct PHP 5 IIS 7.5 Integration Setup.

This Post Show Just the PHP Installation Part but Below you Find Link to Following Steps.

And this Visual Guide includes the Basic Screenshots of All GUI Steps involved.

The content and details are expressly reduced to give Focus only to the Essentials Instructions and Commands and Make the Tut Easier to Understand ;)

PHP Elephant Through Windows
  1. How to Install Correctly PHP 5.5+ for Windows with IIS Integration.

    PHP 5.5.5 for Windows7 on IIS 7.5
  2. Open Notepad as Administrator

    Windows 7 Open Notepad ad Administrator

  3. Edit php.ini File

    Un-Comment the line Containing.


    Same for other PHP Modules..


  4. Restart IIS Server

    Windows 7 Restart IIS Server

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