Howto Install/SetUp Selenium Webdriver and Chromedriver on Python for Arch-Linux

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The Step-by-Step Guide Shows You How to Install/SetUp the Python Selenium Python Client with Webdriver and the Chromedriver on Arch-Linux.

All Steps and Instructions are Clearly and Easily Explained and Delineated.

There are Link to other articles showing Chromedriver Set-Up on Arch-Linux and the Getting-Started with Selenium Webdriver on Firefox Browser with Python.

Python Selenium
  1. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)
  2. Check if Pip is Installed on Arch-Linux
    which pip

    How to Install Python Easy_install & Pip on Arch-Linux:

    Arch-Linux How Easy_install Pip
  3. Install the Selenium Python Client with Webdriver
    pip install selenium
  4. Installing Python-Selenium Chromedriver on Arch-Linux:

    How to Install Chromedriver on Arch-Linux
  5. Quick-Start Guide Selenium Webdriver & Chromedriver on Python:

    Getting-Started Selenium Webdriver & Chromedriver on Python

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