Windows 8 PHP 5.5.5 Installation with IIS8 Integration Easy Visual-Guide

February 6th, 2013 by Regaz

How-to Install Windows 8 with IIS8 Integration

The Visual-Guide Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Install the Latest PHP 5.5.5 Release on Windows 8 with IIS 8 Integration.

If Clearly and Simply Executed the IIS8 + PHP5 Integration Windows 8 Do Not Results Much Complicated and It Do Not Really Need of Any Helping Tool Like you Find Publicized on Various Tutorial Out There…

You Need Only to Know How-to Execute the Correct Steps to Get It Done!

This Post Show Just the PHP Installation Part but Below you Find Link to Foolowing Steps.

And this Visual Guide includes the Basic Screenshots of All GUI Steps involved.

The content and details are expressly reduced to give Focus only to the Essentials Instructions and Commands and Make the Tut Easier to Understand ;)

Install Windows 8 with IIS8 Integration - Featured
  1. Download PHP 5.5.5 for Windows

    PHP 5.5.5 NTS .ZIP
  2. Extracting PHP5 .zip Archive Into C:php

    Install Windows 8 with IIS8 Integration - Extracting PHP5 ArchiveInstall Windows 8 with IIS8 Integration Archive - Path

  3. Right-Click on php.development.ini > Rename As php.ini

    Install Windows 8 with IIS8 Integration - Renaming php.development.ini

  4. Right-Click on php.ini > Edit with Notepad

    Install Windows 8 with IIS8 Integration - Edit php.ini with Notepad

  5. Set or Uncomment the Following Entries
    • doc_root = "c:inetpubwwwroot"
    • extension_dir = "ext"
    • cgi.force_redirect = 0
    • date.timezone = "America/Los_Angeles"

      PHP Supported Timezones

    Save Changes

  6. Open Command Prompt Window
    • Switch to Start View

      Just Pressing “Cmd” Key

    • Search for Command Prompt

      Just Typing “command”

      Install Windows 8 with IIS8 Integration - Command Prompt
  7. Test PHP Installation
    cd c:php
    php -i

    Command Equivalent of phpinfo()…

    php -m

    List of Loaded PHP Modules.

  8. IIS 8 FastCGI PHP Integration

    IIS 8 + PHP Integration Setup
  9. Windows 8 IIS 8 How-to Enable PHP Tidy and Other Modules

    IIS 8 Enabling PHP Tidy

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