Amazon AWS Ec2 Free Tier Linux Ubuntu 12.10 Micro-Instance Step-by-Step Complete Web-Hosting Quick Getting-Started

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The Guide Shows You Visually & Step-by-Step How to Getting-Started for FREE on Amazon AWS Ec2 to Create and SetUp a Complete Ubuntu Linux Quantal Web-Server Micro-Instace on the Free-Tier.

Inside the Tutorial Links to:

  • Getting-Started Installing Apache and SetUp Virtual Hosts on Ubuntu Linux Ec2 Instance

  • How Resolving the Ec2 Instance Elastic IP to a Registered Domain

  • Setting Up the SSH Local Connection to the Ec2 Ubuntu Linux Server

To Make the Entire Easy to Understand and Visualize the Posts Includes the Basic Screenshots of All GUI Steps involved.

The Contents and Details of Guides are Essentials and Give Focus only to Instructions and Commands.

Amazon AWS Cloud
  1. Signing-Up into the Amazon AWS Console for Free-Tier.

    Amazon AWS EC2 Free-Tier
  2. On Amazon AWS Console Access EC2 Dashboard Amazon AWS EC2 Console

  3. Click on Launch Instance Amazon AWS EC2 Dashboard Launch Instance

  4. Continue with Classic Wizard Amazon AWS EC2 Creating Instance - Classic Wizard

  5. Select Ubuntu 12.10 Server Amazon AWS EC2 Creating Instance - Select Ubuntu 12.10 Server

  6. Check is SetUp As T1 Micro Amazon AWS EC2 Creating Instance - Verify is Set as T1 Micro Instance

  7. Possibly Check for Preventing Accidental Termination Amazon AWS EC2 Creating Instance - Preventing Accidental Termination

  8. Continue Amazon AWS EC2 Creating Instance - Storage SetUp

  9. Naming by a Metadata Pair Amazon AWS EC2 Creating Instance - Tag Instance with Metadata Pair

  10. Create and Download a Key Pair

    Download and Store the Key Pair in a Known & Accessible Location Into the Local Home.

    Amazon AWS EC2 Creating Instance - Creating Key Pair

  11. How to Setup a Domain for Resolving to an Ec2 Elastic IP.

    How to Resolve Domain to Ec2 Elastic IP
  12. Opening Server Ports for Inbound Connections

    For Apache Web Server will be Enough to Enable the 80…

    Amazon AWS EC2 Creating Instance - Opening Server Ports Amazon AWS EC2 Creating Instance - Open Server Ports

  13. Booting Up Ubuntu Linux 12.10 Virtual Server on AWS Ec2 Cloud Amazon AWS EC2 Creating Instance - Booting Up the Ubuntu Linux Quantal Virtual Server

  14. How Connecting to AWS Ec2 Server by SSH.

    SetUp SSH Access to EC2 Server

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