Linux Bodhi 2 Enlightenment How-to Browse with pcmanfm File Manager by ftp Remote Location

April 15th, 2013 by Regaz

This Guide Shows You How-to Enable Remote Ftp Files Browsing by pcmanfm File Manager on Linux Bodhi 2.2 Amd64 Enlightenment Desktop.

Inside the Post Links to Create an Enlightenment Desktop Launcher and Install the Google-Chrome Browser and Evernote Linux Clone on Bodhi.

Linux Bodhi Crazy-Penguin
  1. Installing Packages

    sudo su "apt-get install gvfs-bin gamin"
  2. How-to Create a Bodhi-Enlightenment Application Launcher

    How-to Bodhi-Enlightenment Launcher
  3. Logout & Login Again

    How-to Install Google-Chrome Browser for Bodhi:

    Installing Chrome for Bodhi
  4. Launch pcmanfm by D-Bus

    dbus-launch pcmanfm
  5. How-to Install Evernote on Linux Bodhi

    Installing Evernote for Bodhi
  6. After Insert the ftp Address on Location Bar

    Linux Bodhi pcmanfm Browse Remote Location

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