How-to Install Evernote Clone i386 on Linux Zorin 7 Gnome 32bit Easy Guide

May 28th, 2013 by Regaz

The Guide Shows You How-to Install the Evernote i386 for Linux Zorin 7 OS Core Gnome 32bit Desktop.

The Post have Included the Screenshots of the Process Visualization and Installation Easier and More Pleasant.

To the Article Botton you will Find a Link to Article Containing the Getting-Started with Evernote on Linux Zorin Gnome Desktop.

Nevernote on Ubuntu

  1. Download the Current Evernote Linux Clone:

    Nevernote i386.deb
  2. To Start Installation Double-Click on .deb Package

  3. Click on Install

    In a little while you will Find Nevernote Successfully Installed on Ubuntu :)

    If you Can Not Install Because of Failed Dependencies Downloading then:

    apt-get update

    And Re-Try!

    Zorin 6 How-to Install the Evernote Linux Clone 2

    Eventually Confirm Installation in Case of Warning Message!

    Ubuntu How-to Install the Evernote Linux Clone - Confirm on WarningZorin 6 How-to Install the Evernote Linux Clone 3

  4. Start Ninxnote

    GnoMenu >> Internet >> Ninxote

    Linux Zorin 6 Start Nixnote on Applications Menu
  5. Getting-Started with Evernote on Ubuntu Linux
  6. Create an Application Launcher for Zorin Gnome

    Zorin HOw GnoMenu Launcher

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