Get Started Managing Oracle 11g R2 DB With SQLPlus on Gnu/Linux

April 5, 2014 | By Duchateaux.

GNU/Linux Running Oracle 11g DB & Admin on Enterprise Manager

This an Easy and Step-by-Step Guide to Install the Oracle 11g R2 Database on Linux Distros and Quick Managing Instance by SQLPlus Commands and Enterprise Manager.

The Guide Includes All Basic Details, Command and Screenshots of Fundamental Processes.

Relax and Take the Time to Reading, Understanding and Executing Carefully the Instructions Contained here.

OpenSUSE Oracle Camaleon
  1. How to Install Oracle 11g R2 Database on Linux Distros:

    Installing Oracle 11g DB on Linux
  2. How to Start and Stop All the Oracle 11g Database Components.

    • Start the Oracle Listener, Database and Manager

      1. Login as Oracle User

        su oracle

      2. Start the Listner:

        lsnrctl start

      3. Start the Database process:

        sqlplus '/as sysdba'

        Insert yourOracleAccountPassword


        Wait until the database is Up!

        ORACLE instance started...
        Database opened.

        Exit from sqlplus.

      4. Start Database Manager Console

        emctl start dbconsole

      5. Access the Oracle Database Manager on Browser

    • Stop the Oracle Database

      1. Stop the Database process:

        sqlplus '/as sysdba'
        >>shutdown immediate

      2. Stop the Listner:

        lsnrctl stop

    If you have Multiple Oracle Databases Before to Start a New one you have to Set the Database SID:

    export ORACLE_SID=[DBSID]
    After you Should Access the “Enterprise Manager” on Browser by the URL shown on the Latest Screen.
    On a Localhost for Example you Should Access the Enterprise Manager by the Address:

    And you can Login with:
    Username: SYS
    Password: oracleDatabasePassword
    From the Drop-down below Select >> Connect as SYSDBA
    You Should be able to Access the Database by the Enterprise Manager!

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