How-to Download Linux Fedora and Burn it to CD-DVD on Windows 8

November 10th, 2014 by thelinuxevangelist

Windows 8 Get & Burning Fedora ISO to CD/DVD

The Guide Shows You Visually How-to Download and Burn the Latest Linux Fedora 20 ISO Installation Media to CD/DVD on Windows 8.

Burning the Linux/Unix ISO Installation Media is a Basic Step Necessary to Start the Installation from CD/DVD.

On the Get Fedora ISO & Burn it to CD/DVD Guide Bottom You find Link to How-to Disable “Secure Boot” and Enable Boot from CD/DVD on Win8.

Windows 8 Downloading and Burning Linux Fedora ISO to CD/DVD - Featured
  1. Select on Navigation Bar Fedora >> Get Latest Fedora:

    Get Latest Fedora 32/64bit ISO
  2. Right-Click on ISO >> Burn disc Image

  3. Click on Burn

  4. Burning…

  5. Done!

  6. Windows 8 Disabling “Secure Boot” and Enable Boot from CD/DVD:

    Win8 CD/DVD Booting Setup

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