Linux Ubuntu Unity Desktop Command Line Terminal Shell Quick-Start Initiation Visual-Guide

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Ubuntu Terminal Command Line Visual Initiation

The Linux Shell Command Line is an User Interface that Represent both a Way to Specifing to the Operating System Commands to Execute and a Programming Language.

On the Linux Ubuntu Unity Desktop we Interact with the Shell by a Graphical Terminal Emulator or CLI.

There are Several Flavors of Linux Shells: Bourne Shell or sh, C Shell or csh/tcsh, Korn Shell or ksh, and Bash Shell. Here we’ll be Essetially Focalized on the Default Linux Bash Shell.

  1. Open a Command Line Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Command Line Quick Start for Linux Ubuntu Unity Desktop - Featured
  2. Shell Prompt Investigation.

    The Shell Prompt is on the Default Form:

    Ubuntu Command Line Quick Start Visual Guide - Terminal Prompt Investigation

    The Last $/# Character is Showing the Prompt Permissions Type: Normal-User/Super-User

    • If a $ is Showing then You Can Execute ‘Only’ the Command Your User have Permission to.
    • If a # is Showing then You Can Execute ‘Every’ Command!

    The Default ‘~‘ Location Symbol is the Equivalent of the $HOME Directory and is Meaning that the Shell is Located on the /home/[myuser] Folder.

  3. Quick-Start with Bash Shell Commands on Ubuntu Linux

    Ubuntu Shell Quick Start

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