How-to Save Cookies to a Text File on Firefox Browser

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Saving Cookies on Firefox

The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Find and Save the Cookies for a Website on a Text File with the Firefox Browser.

This Procedure is Needed for example when You want to Download the Oracle Software on a Server Shell…

Installing Firefox Export Cookies Plugin and Save Cookies - Featured
  1. Install the Export Cookies Mozilla Firefox Plugin:

    Firefox Export Cookies Plugin
  2. First Access the Authenticated Target

  3. Firefox > Tools > Export Cookies

  4. Then Save the Cookie on a Text File

  5. To Use Cookies on a Server

    • Open the Cookies File with Editor and Copy the Content
    • Create a cookies.txt File on Server and Paste In Content
  6. How-to Download Software with Authentication a Server with wget:

    Downloading with wget Authentication

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