Printer Canon MX714 / MX715 Driver for Linux Mint How-to Get & Install

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Canon MX714 / MX715 Printer Quick-Start for Linux Mint

The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Download and Install the Canon MX714 / MX715 PIXMA Printer Drivers on Linux Mint 32/64-bit Mate/Cinnamon/KDE/Xfce Desktop.

Included in the Canon Printer Installation Tutorial for Mint Linux You will find also Link to Guide for Getting-Started with Canon Scanning on Mint.

Install Canon MX714 / MX715 Driver on Mint - Featured
  1. Open a Shell Terminal emulator window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Canon MX714 / MX715 Printer Driver Installation Linux Mint - Open Terminal
  2. Download Canon MX714 / MX715 Linux Mint Driver:

    Canon MX714 / MX715 Printer Linux Driver
  3. Double-Click/Right-Click & Open with Archive Manager
    And Extract into the /tmp directory:

    Linux Mint Install Canon MX714 / MX715 Printer Driver - File Manager
  4. Checking/Installing GDebi Package Installer:

    which gdebi

    If Not there then:

    sudo apt-get install gdebi

    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then Look: Solution

  5. Install the Canon Packages with:

    cd /tmp/cnijfilter*deb/packages

    For 32bit Systems:

    sudo su -c "gdebi ./*i386.deb"

    For 64-bit Systems:

    sudo su -c "gdebi ./*amd64.deb"
  6. How to Install Required Packages for Canon Driver on Linux Mint:

    Canon Driver Dependencies Installation
  7. Installing Canon MX714 / MX715 Printer Driver:

    cd /tmp/cnijfilter*deb

    Connect & Power On your Printer.

    sudo su -c "./"

    You could be asked to Connect and Turn On the printer…
    In case of Installation Issues see this Troubleshooting!
    Install Canon Printer Driver on Mint - Installing
    If Needed Dependencies Installation First execute:

    cd packages
    sudo apt-get install gdebi

    For 32bit Systems:

    sudo su -c "gdebi ./*i386.deb"

    For 64-bit Systems:

    sudo su -c "gdebi ./*amd64.deb"
  8. Finally Go on System Settings to Add Printer
    And the Printer will be Recognized and Installed.

     - Ubuntu System Settings Printers
  9. Getting-Started with Canon MX714 / MX715 Scanner on Mint:

    Mint Canon MX714 / MX715 Scanner Quick-Start

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