How to Install Latest PostgreSQL 9.x on Kali 32/64-bit Linux Easy Guide

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Install PostgreSQL 9.x on Kali

The Tutorial Shows You How to Install and Getting-Started with PostgreSQL 9.x Database for Kali i386/amd64 Kde/Gnome/Xfce/Lxde Linux.

As with every annual release, PostgreSQL 9.x includes many New Features to make working with PostgreSQL easier, more flexible and more fun for application developers, administrators and architects.

The New PostgreSQL Features include:

  • Additional JSON constructor and extractor methods
  • Automatically updatable VIEWs
  • Parallel pg_dump to speed backups of large databases

Further, PostgreSQL 9.4’s User-Defined Background Workers allow developers to write task managers, request handlers, parallel processors, queuing tools and other helper applications to enable PostgreSQL as a workload coordinator.

One example of this already released is Mongres, a background worker which accepts MongoDB queries, interprets them and passes them on to PostgreSQL.

To the PostgreSQL Database Installation Kali Guide Bottom You find Link to Quick-Start with PostgreSQL on Kali.

Kali Install PostgreSQL 9.X - Featured
  1. Download PostgreSQL DB for Linux

    Linux PotrgreSQL Installer
  2. Open a Terminal Shell emulator window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Kali Install PostgreSQL 9.X - Kali Open Terminal
  3. Access the Target location
    (Usually Downloads go in the Home folder or when Downloaded with Firefox may be into the Temporary directory /tmp/mozilla*)

    cd ~/Downloads

    Or when downloaded with Firefox maybe:

    cd /tmp/mozilla*

    To Verify that it’s there List the contents with:

    ls .
  4. Give Permissions and Start PostgreSQL Installer

    su -c "chmod +x ./postgresql-9.*.run"
    su -c "./postgresql-9.*.run"
  5. Follow PostgreSQL Installation Wizard.

    Kali Install PostgreSQL 9.X - welcome

    Set the PostgreSQL Installation Path.

    Kali Install PostgreSQL 9.X - path

    Set the PostgreSQL Data Path.

    Kali Install PostgreSQL 9.X - data path

    Set-Up the Postgres Administrator.

    Kali Install PostgreSQL 9.X - user setup

    Set the PostgreSQL Server Listening Port.

    Kali Install PostgreSQL 9.X - listening port

    Set the PostgreSQL Database Locale in Use.

    Kali Install PostgreSQL 9.X - setup locale

    Start PostgreSQL Installation.

    Kali Install PostgreSQL 9.X - start installation
    Kali Install PostgreSQL 9.X - installing

    Last Possibly Add some PostgreSQL Tools

    Kali Install PostgreSQL 9.X - postgresql add-ons

  6. Getting-Started Quickly with PostgreSQL on Linux Kali

    PostgreSQL Quick Start Guide

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