Linux Mint Canon PIXMA Drivers Install

July 17th, 2017 by thelinuxevangelist

Linux Mint Canon PIXMA Printer Install

Hello Linux Mint User! This Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Linux Mint Canon PIXMA Drivers Install.

First of all to Install Canon PIXMA Printers on Ubuntu we proceed to Download and Install Canon Proprietary Drivers.

Furthermore the Canon PIXMA Linux Mint Install is simple and involves only the execution of some basic Shell’s Commands.

Linux Mint Canon PIXMA Drivers Install - Featured
  1. First Open Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Canon Printers Driver Installation for Mint - Open Terminal
  2. Download Canon Printers Linux Drivers:

    Canon Printers .deb Driver

    Search for “linux [myCanonModNumRounded]”
    You Need to Round Down the Printer Model Number As here Below…
    Eg: for ‘mx472’ search for “linux mx470”
    And for ‘MG2240’ search for “linux MG2200”

  3. Next Double-Click/Right-Click & Open with Archive Manager:

    Ubuntu Install Canon Printers Driver - File Manager
  4. And Extract into the /tmp directory

    Installing Canon Printer Driver on Mint - Extract
  5. Then Install the Canon Packages
    Access the Target with:

    cd /tmp/cnijfilter-*-deb/packages

    For 32bit Systems:

    sudo su -c "gdebi ./*i386.deb"

    For 64bit Systems:

    sudo su -c "gdebi ./*amd64.deb"

    Or If No cnijfilter Directory then instead:

    cd /tmp/


    sudo su -c "gdebi ./cnijfilter*.deb"
  6. And again Installing Canon Printer Driver:
    If No cnijfilter Directory then Skip this Step!

    cd /tmp/cnijfilter-*-deb

    Connect & Power On your Printer.

    sudo su -c "./"

    In case of Installation Issues see this Troubleshooting!
    Install Canon Printer Driver on Mint - Installing

  7. Open Configure Printer App

    Linux Mint Cinnamon - Configure Printer App
  8. Finally Add Printer
    And the it should be Recognized and Installed!

    Linux Mint Cinnamon - Add Printer
  9. How-to Getting-Started with Canon Scanners on Mint:

    Mint Scanner Quick-Start

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