Kali Linux Terminal Tutorial for Beginners

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Changing Directory

  1. 3. Changing Folder

    Next practice the Change Directory directive
    Change to the Root Directory:

    cd /

    * Again find out how ‘cd‘ is an Abridgement for ‘Change Directory‘ *
    Then Go to /usr/bin:

    cd /usr/bin

    Now to Navigate to the Parent Use the ‘..‘!
    So Back to the root with:

    cd ../..

    (It’s like to say: ‘One Step Back and then One Step Back’ again)
    Finally, to Return Home is simple as:


    Then to Verify you are in that Location Use:


    In this case ‘pwd’ is a Shortcut for ‘Print Working Directory‘.
    Hey Congratulations! You achieved the First, Walk into the Linux Directory Tree :)

Furthermore, about Linux Terminology, there are 3 different Entities Appelled as ‘Root’:

  • The System’s root: /
  • The root Directory: /root
  • The root User: the SuperAdmin than can Execute Any Command

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