How to Install Canon PIXMA MX927/MX928 Driver on Ubuntu GNU/Linux

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Canon MX927/MX928 Ubuntu - Driver Setup

  1. 2. Installing Packages

    Then Install Required Packages.

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt-get install cups libxml2 libglade2-0 libpng1* libtiff5
  2. 3. Downloading Driver

    Download Canon MX927/MX928 Printer Linux Driver

    Get Canon MX927/MX928 .deb Driver

    Select the MX927/MX928 Printer .deb Driver.

  3. 4. Extracting Driver

    Extract into the /tmp Directory
    Possibly Double-Click on Driver from the File Manager:

    How to Install Canon MX927/MX928 Driver on Ubuntu - Extract
  4. 5. Installing Driver

    Now to Install Canon Printer Driver
    Access the Target location:

    cd /tmp/cnijfilter*

    Run the Installation script:

    sudo ./

    You could be asked to Connect and Turn On the Printer…
    In case of Installation Issues see this Troubleshooting!

    How to Install Canon MX927/MX928 Driver on Ubuntu - Installing
    Now in case of Issue then try first to execute:

    cd packages
    sudo apt-get install gdebi gdebi-core

    For 32-bit Systems:

    sudo gdebi ./*i386.deb

    For 64-bit Systems:

    sudo gdebi ./*amd64.deb

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