How to Install Sweet Home 3D on Fedora 30 GNU/Linux

March 23, 2019 | By thelinuxevangelist | Filed in: Tutorial.

Sweet Home 3D Fedora 30 - Setting Up

  1. Next Set SuperUser as Owner

    sudo chown -R root:root /tmp/SweetHome3D*
  2. And Relocate Contents

    sudo mv /tmp/SweetHome3D* /opt/SweetHome3D

    Check Destination Folder’s Contents:

    ls /opt/SweetHome3D
  3. Again Make a SymLink for Easy Launching

    sudo ln -s /opt/SweetHome3D/SweetHome3D /usr/local/bin/SweetHome3D
  4. Finally, Launch & Enjoy Sweet Home 3D ;)
    From Shell with:


    Create a Custom App Launcher on Menu

    How Launcher for Menu

    If it Does Not Start then Check if Graphics Card Supports OpenGL 3.3+

    sudo dnf install glx-utils
    glxinfo | grep OpenGL

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