Step-by-step – Gravit Designer Kali Linux Installation Guide

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Gravit Designer Kali Linux - Installing

  1. 3. Installing Gravit Designer

    First, Extract Gravit Designer Archive directly into the /tmp/ Folder:
    Possibly Double-Click on it from the File Manager:

    How to Install Gravit Designer in Kali Linux - Extraction

    Or from Shell:

    unzip -d /tmp/ ~/Downloads/GravitDesigner*.zip

    (If downloaded with Firefox it may be instead into the /tmp/mozilla* folder)
    Finally, to Store the AppImage in some Location into your Home…
    Here I make first an appImages Directory:

    mkdir ~/appImages
    mv /tmp/GravitDesigner/GravitDesigner*.AppImage ~/appImages/
  2. 4. Setting Permissions

    This Step is Needed to Give Ececution Permission to the User
    So now to Give Execution Permission to the AppImage:

    chmod +x ~/appImages/GravitDesigner*.AppImage

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