Printer Epson L7160/L7180 Driver Debian Installation

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Setting up Driver

  1. 3. Downloading Epson L7160/L7180 Driver for Debian

    Download Debian Epson L7160/L7180 Driver

    Epson L7160/L7180 Driver .deb

    In case Firefox prompt Select “Save File”!

    Driver Epson L7160/L7180 Debian How to Download and Install -  Open with Debian Software Center
  2. 4. Installing Epson L7160/L7180 Driver on Debian

    Installing Epson Printer Driver on Debian like
    Then access the Target directory
    (Usually Downloads go in the Home folder or the /tmp/mozilla* if downloaded with Firefox)
    So first Try:

    cd ~/Downloads

    And to Check if the Package is there:

    ls . | grep epson

    Finally, to Setup the Driver:

    su -c "gdebi ./epson*printer*lsb*.deb"

    GDebi Package Installer will Manage the potential the Software Dependencies…

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