How to Install Adobe Reader on Elementary OS GNU/Linux Easy Guide

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  1. 2. GDebi Setup

    Checking/Installing GDebi Package Installer

    which gdebi

    If Not there then:

    sudo apt install gdebi gdebi-core

    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then see: How to Enable sudo

  2. Download Latest Acrobat Reader 32-bit Linux Package

    Adobe Reader .deb

    Select the Latest Release and then Get the .deb Package.

  3. 3. Installing

    Then to Install Adobe Reader on Elementary OS
    First, Access the Target location.

    (Usually Downloads go in the Home folder or when Downloaded with Firefox may be into the Temporary directory /tmp/mozilla*)

    cd ~/Downloads

    Or when downloaded with Firefox maybe:

    cd /tmp/mozilla*

    To Verify that it’s there List the contents with:

    ls . | grep Adbe

    Finally, to Setup it:

    sudo gdebi ./AdbeRdr*.deb
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