Awesome Desktop Getting Started Guide

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Managing Windows

  1. 6. Managing Windows

    Now to Manage Windows you can use the UI Corner Right Controls:

    Awesome Desktop Getting Started Guide
- Window Controls
    And again working with the Key/Mouse Bindings:

    Moving Window: Cmd/Win+Left-Click on Window and Drag (Needed only on Tiling Layouts)

    Resizing Windows: Cmd/Win+Right-Click on Corner and Drag

    Maximize Window: Cmd/Win+m

    Minimize Window: Cmd/Win+n

    Restore Window: Cmd/Win+Ctrl+n

    Toggle Window Floating Status: Cmd/Win+Ctrl+Space

    Toggle Full Screen: Cmd/Win+f

    Close Window: Cmd/Win+Shift+c

    Toggle On Top: Cmd/Win+Shift+t

    Changing Focus on Window: Left-Click on or Cmd/Win+k Cmd/Win+j

    Send a Window to a specific Desktop: Cmd/Win+Shift+Number (default 1-9)

    Set Master Window: Cmd/Win+Ctrl+Return

    Replacing Window in Tiling Layout: Left-Click & Drag

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