GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Ubuntu 20.04 Driver Installation Guide

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  1. 2. Setting Up NVIDIA Driver Repo

    How to Add NVIDIA Graphics Drivers Ubuntu PPA Repo

    Adding NVIDIA PPA

    Possibly now see How to Check NVIDIA Graphics Card Model.

  2. 3. Installing NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti Driver

    Then Check for the Available NVIDIA Driver
    Simply run:

    apt search nvidia-driver*

    Take Note of the Latest Driver Release EG: 465.
    But before Setting it up it’s recommended you Verify what is the Drivers Range to Support your Card on: NVIDIA Driver support Website!

    Next to Install the latest Driver, for Instance do:

    sudo apt install nvidia-driver-465 nvidia-settings

    And in case of Issue try instead with the more powerful aptitude Package Installer.
    So first, to Install Aptitude run:

    sudo apt install aptitude

    And next try the Setup again playing:

    sudo aptitude install nvidia-driver-465 nvidia-settings

    Last, to Load your barely New Display Driver Reboot with:

    sudo reboot now


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