How to Download Only Package with Dependencies on Ubuntu 18.04

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Installing Tool

  1. 2. Downloading pkgdownload

    Download pkgdownload for Ubuntu GNU/Linux

    Get pkgdownload .sh for Ubuntu

    Especially relevant: Right-Click on the Raw Content and Choose “Save Page as…“!

  2. 3. Installing pkgdownload

    Then to Set up pkgdownload on Ubuntu
    First, Access the Target, usually in the Downloads folder:

    cd && cd Downloads

    To Check it’s there List the contents with:

    ls . | grep pkgdownload

    The grep Command Refine the output List showing only the entries Matching the Keyword.
    But if you are in Trouble to Find it out on Terminal then See: How to Access Downloads Folder from Browser.
    Then give Execution Permission:

    chmod +x ./pkgdownload*

    Again set ownership to the root User with:

    sudo chown root:root ./pkgdownload*

    Finally to Setup pkgdownload:

    sudo mv ./pkgdownload* /usr/local/bin/pkgdownload

    Authenticate with the User Admin Pass.
    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then see: How to Enable sudo.
    Finally, to Test the Setup play:

    which pkgdownload

    Thanks to Wick3rman Work!

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