Step-by-step – Fedora 33 Alongside Windows 8 Installation

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  1. 2. Shrinking Windows 8 Volume

    How to Shrink the Windows 8 Installation Partition

    Shrinking Ntfs Windows 8 Partition
  2. 3. Booting Fedora 33 Live

    First, you may need Disabling Secure Boot and Setting up Boot from CD/DVD on Windows 8.

    How to Start Up Windows 8 with Fedora CD/DVD/USB Live Media

    Win 8 Boot Setup

    So then Boot Your PC with Fedora Live Media:

  3. 4. Installing Fedora 33 Workstation

    Then follow with the Fedora 33 OS Installation
    First, enter the Live User screen. (No password needed):


    Then on displayed Wizard choose “Install to Hard Driver“:

    Running Installer

    Choose the Language:


    Next choose the Installation Destination:

    Installation Destination

    And provide to the Partitioning:

    Choose HD

    You may simply choose the proposed setup using the created Free Space!

    Finally, confirm to Begin Installation:

    Choose HD


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