Step-by-step – Trackball Scroll Parrot Linux Setup Guide

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Getting Started

  1. 3. Finding out Device Name

    So to Display Devices List

    xinput list

    Select & Copy Device’s Name with Ctrl+x.

    Xinput Parrot Tutorial - Devices List

    Or simply take note of the Device’s ID.
    But if No Device Name but “xwayland” on GNOME Wayland then follow the below instructions:

     - Wayland xinput output

    How to Set up Trackball Scroll Wheel Emulation on GNOME Wayland

    Trackball Scroll Wheel Wayland Guide
  2. 4. Setting up Xinput Device Emulation

    Now to Enable Xinput Device Emulation on Parrot
    First, to list the available Properties run:

    xinput list-props "[DEVICENAME]"

    Or alternatively:

    xinput list-props [DEVICEID]

    So in this case for instance:

    xinput list-props "Kensington      Kensington Expert Mouse"

    Or else:

    xinput list-props 13
    Xinput Parrot Tutorial - Devices List

    Next to set up a Trackball Wheel Scroll, first enable it:

    xinput --set-prop "Kensington      Kensington Expert Mouse" "Evdev Wheel Emulation" 1

    And then set the Target But:

    xinput --set-prop "Kensington      Kensington Expert Mouse" "Evdev Wheel Emulation Button" 8

    How to Find the Trackball Button ID

    Find Device Button on Parrot
  3. 5. Making Permanent Config

    Last, to make a Permanent Xinput Configuration File
    For a Single User using the nano editor put your Commands into:

    nano ~/.xsessionrc

    Ctrl+x to Save & Exit from nano Editor.
    The the setup should be consistent also after rebooting.


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