Fedora 29 Download Package and Dependencies Guide

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  1. 2. Downloading Package

    Now to Download Package and Dependencies
    First, in case make a Target Directory:

    sudo mkdir ~/Downloads/packages

    And Change to it:

    cd ~/Downloads/packages

    Then to install the needed Software play:

    sudo dnf in dnf-utils

    Next to Download a Package with Dependencies use:

    sudo yumdownloader --resolve --downloadonly --downloaddir=./ [MYSOFT]

    So for instance:

    sudo yumdownloader --resolve --downloadonly --downloaddir=./ dkms

    Then to Check that Everything is There Try Only to Install all the Packages with:

    sudo dnf in ./*.rpm

    If Not then you need patiently Reiterate the Command to retrive also all the downloaded Packages dependencies.
    So for instance then executing again:

    sudo yumdownloader --resolve --downloadonly --downloaddir=./ [MYDEP1]

    Until the process is Successfully Achieved.


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