Step-by-step – Update Kernel GUI Ubuntu 20.04 Guide

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Updating Kernel

  1. 2. Installing Mainline

    How to Install Mainline GUI for Ubuntu GNU/Linux

    Mainline Ubuntu Installation Guide
  2. 3. Launching Mainline

    Then to Update Linux Kernel with Mainline Utility
    Simply run it from Shell:


    Or use the Desktop Launcher:

  3. 4. Installing Kernel

    Now to Install New Kernel on Ubuntu with Mainline
    After the Kernel List is fetched simply choose the Release and then “Install”:


    And in a little while the Kernel should be successfully setup:


    To Load it then Reboot, from Command Line with:

    sudo reboot now

    And possibly on the Grub Splash Screen Choose the New Entry.

  4. 5. Removing Kernel

    Possibly to Remove Kernel on Ubuntu with Mainline
    Again choose the Release and then “Remove”:



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