How to Create/Add a Launcher on MX Linux Xfce Menu

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GNU/Linux MX Xfce Making a New Applications Menu Launcher Guide

The Guide Shows You Step-by-Step and Visually How to Create a New Item App Launcher into the Main Applications Menu in MX GNU/Linux Xfce Desktops.

And the MX Linux Xfce Laucher Creation make use of the exo-edit-desktop-item UI Tool.

Finally, Contents and Details are Expressly Essentials to Give Focus Only to the Essentials Instructions and Commands.

How to Create/Add a Launcher on MX Linux Xfce Menu
  1. 1. Launching Terminal

    How-to Quick-Start with Command Line on MX GNU/Linux

    Command Line MX Linux QuickStart Guide
  2. 2. Making Menu Launcher

    First, Start GUI Launcher Creator
    For a System-wide setup use:

    sudo exo-desktop-item-edit --create-new /usr/share/applications
    And instead for a Local one:
    exo-desktop-item-edit --create-new ~/.local/share/applications
    Xfce Started Launcher Creator

    Set the Launcher Icon
    Click on “no icon”.
    Try to Search the Icon between the Defaults One:
    Xfce Started Launcher Creator

    Now if you Do Not Find it and Need Help to Locating the Icon Look

    Linux How to Locate Command
    Xfce Started Launcher Creator

    Then Insert at least Name and Command
    And Choose Create:

    Xfce Launcher Ready 2 Create

    Launcher Successfully Inserted into the Other Category on Applications Menu:

    Xfce Launcher Inserted into Applications Menu

    Then to Modify the Application Category

    Linux Desktop Tutorials

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