Very Slow Download Speed Fedora 35 Solving

September 29, 2021 | By the+gnu+linux+evangelist | Filed in: Tutorial.

Fixing System

  1. 2. Looking up Interface ID

    Find out Network Device ID
    Simply play:

    ifconfig -a

    And in the output you should recognize your Interface Identifier:

  2. 3. Fixing Network

    Now to Fix Network Interface

    sudo ethtool -s [DEVICEID] speed 1000 duplex full autoneg on

    So for instance:

    sudo ethtool -s enp4s0f0 speed 1000 duplex full autoneg on

    Auto-Negotiation is a mechanism by which a device automatically chooses the best performing transmission mode based on its counterparts’ characteristics.
    And the full-duplex mode enable to send and receive packets simultaneously.

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