Windows 11 Burn Linux ISO to USB Easy Guide

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Burning GNU/Linux ISO to USB on Windows 11

You are Welcome! The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How to Burn GNU/Linux ISO to Bootable USB Stick on a Microsoft Windows 11 System.

And here I’ll make Use of the Rufus tool that allows you to create Bootable Live USB drives for Windows and other GNU/Linux distributions without burning a CD.

Windows 11 Burn Linux ISO to USB Easy Guide
  1. 1. Downloading Rufus

    Download & Install Rufus Bootable USB Creator

    Get Rufus for Windows 11
  2. 2. Running Rufus

    Next Run Rufus.

  3. 3. Burning ISO

    So now to Burn Linux to USB
    First, in case choose the Device Drive using the Dropdown Menu.
    Next, Browse for the Linux ISO
    Set a Volume label.
    Eventually, customize the rest of Settings as needed…
    Finally, Click on START to Start USB Creation.
    And wait until the process is Achieved.

     - Rufus GUI
  4. 4. Booting GNU/Linux USB

    How to Start Up GNU/Linux on a Windows 11 PC

    Windows 11 USB Booting Setup

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