MX Linux Xfce Black Screen When Idle Troubleshooting Guide

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Solving Black Screen When Idle in MX Linux

Hi! This Guide try to Solve the Blank Screen When Idle for 5 Minutes Issue in MX GNU/Linux Desktop.

And this Issue come from a ineffective interaction between the Debian OS and the Xfce Desktop in managing the Screensaver.

So to solve it we provide to make a Shell Script to run on the System Startup.

MX Linux Xfce Black Screen When Idle Troubleshooting Guide - Featured
  1. 1. Enabling Display Manager

    First, Enable Display Management
    So search for “power” in the Menu, and then Run the Power Manager:

    Power Manager Launcher
    Check that the Display Management is Enabled:
    Display Management Enabled
  2. 2. Shell Scripting Quick-Start

    How to Quick-Start with Shell Script on GNU/Linux:

    Shell Script Linux QuickStart Guide
  3. 3. Making Shell Script

    Now Make Shell Script
    With the nano Editor make a File in your Home’s Documents Directory:

    nano ~/Documents/
    This said for Example, then you are free to Put it in whatever Location you choose.
    Copy and Paste in the following Content:
    sleep 1; xset s off
    sleep 1; xset s noblank
    Ctrl+Shift+v to Paste in with nano.
    Finally, Ctrl+x to Save & Exit from nano Editor.
    Next give Execution Permission with:
    chmod +x nano ~/Documents/
    Then you are free simply to Run it when you want playing:
  4. 4. Disabling Screensaver at Boot

    So to Disable Blank Screen
    Search for “start“, and Run Session and Startup:

    Session and Startup Launcher
    Then choose :
    Last Set the entry Command like:
    sh ~/Documents/
  5. Thanks to: georgeeipi

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