HTML5 Boilerplate Getting Started on GNU/Linux Distros

HTML5 Boilerplate Getting Started Linux

The Tutorial Shows You How to Getting-Started with HTML5 Boilerplate Development on GNU/Linux Distributions.

And HTML5 Boilerplate for Linux assembles the Best Tools for You to Get Started with your Next Web Development Project.

So that HTML5 Boilerplate comes with a set of files that make it easy to do cross-browser

Finally, to the BoilerPlate Getting-Started on Linux Bottom You will find Link to Learning HTML5 BoilerPlate Development by Example Docs.

Linux HTML5 Getting Started Guide Featured
  1. How to Install HTML5 Boilerplate on GNU/Linux

    Boilerplate Installation Linux
  2. Open Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Linux HTML5 Getting Started Guide Open Terminal
  3. Download HTML5 BoilerPlate Create Project Script:

    BoilerPlate Create Project Script
  4. Create a BoilerPlate Html5 Site/Project

    cd html5-boilerplate
    sudo mv ~/Downloads/ .
    sudo chmod +x MYPROJECT
  5. Testing BoilerPlate Site Locally.

    Start Python Testing Server:

    sudo python -m SimpleHTTPServer

    Access Site on Browser on:


  6. Learning HTML5 Boilerplate by Examples:

    Boilerplate Documentation

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