Quick Start Perl Hello-World Project on Eclipse 4.6 Neon Epic IDE Easy Visual-Guide

April 30th, 2013 by Regaz

The Visual-Guide Presents a Quick Getting-Started on the Eclipse Neon Epic IDE with an Hello-World Perl Project.

At this Time there are Not Many Choices for Perl Development on Linux. So the Eclipse IDE with the EPIC Perl PluginRepresents One of the Best Choices for Perl Development on Linux.

Perl Eclipse
  1. How-to Install Latest Eclipse Neon Epic IDE on Linux:

    Install Eclipse Epic for Linux
  2. File >> New Project
    Eclipse New Project
  3. Perl Wizard Project Creation

    Select Perl

    Eclipse Epic New Perl Project - 1

    Set Project Name


  4. Right-Click on Project > New File
    Eclipse Epic New Perl Project - 2

    Name it As: helloworld.pl

  5. Inserts the Perl Hello World
    print “Hello World!n”


  6. Running helloworld.pl File
    Eclipse Epic Running hello-world.pl


    Eclipse Epic Hello World Output
  7. Getting-Started Debugging Perl Project on Eclipse:

    Eclipse Epic Debugging SetUp
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