Step by Step Tutorial for Linux Beginners & Pros

Step by Step Tutorial for Linux Beginner

You are Welcome! This Step by Step Tutorial for Linux Beginners and Pros Shows You How to Learn Linux and Getting Started Easily with Linux Best Software.

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“Your instructions are very succinct, clear and understandable.” Lance W.

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Video: Linus Torvalds Wants You!

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“People learn by repeatedly digesting simple examples and developing an understanding of patterns out of them. I’ve also noticed that terminology can be very off-putting, so anytime there’s a hard-sounding concept, I give an easy-to-read explanation.”

“I have learned to distinguish carefully between ‘Free’ in the sense of Freedom and ‘free’ in the sense of price. Free software is software that users have the freedom to distribute and change.
R. M. Stallman from the “GNU/Linux Manifesto”


Video: Linus Torvalds Wants YOU!