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Hi! This Website is entirely composed of Step by Step GNU/Linux Tutorials for Beginners and Experts.

And our Mission is Not to witness the Free OS Utopia. But rather, more realistically, humbly, and practically, try to help you to Get Started Easily & Quickly on GNU+Linux, and so freely with all the supported Devices and Software you want!

And with this Pragmatic Guides you’ll assimilate Easily How to Install Linux, Learn Linux, and Install Best Linux Software.
Moreover, by following these articles you can Enjoy Freely Dive into the GNU/Linux IT Ocean like a Penguin.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication” 

Leonardo da Vinci
Step-by-Step Linux Tutorial for Beginners and Experts - Featured

This Website is following strictly a Step by Step Philosophy because in the Beginning of my approach I clearly perceived the need of easing the Learning Curve to every potential New GNU/Linux Customer.

Finally, my truly desire is to transmit you something Different; not just some serious, dry, and arid, Technicist/Ops-Dev instructions but above all a sense of Magic & Delight in Computer Science!

“Freely you have Received; Freely Give.”

Matthew’s Gospel 10:8
“The Kindom of Heaven is of those who Know how to become like a Little Children”

Matthew’s Gospel 18:3

“Your instructions are very succinct, clear and understandable.”

Lance W.

“People learn by repeatedly digesting simple examples and developing an understanding of patterns out of them. I’ve also noticed that terminology can be very off-putting, so anytime there’s a hard-sounding concept, I give an easy-to-read explanation.”


“I have learned to distinguish carefully between ‘Free’ in the sense of Freedom and ‘free’ in the sense of price. Free software is software that users have the freedom to distribute and change.

R. M. Stallman from the “GNU/Linux Manifesto”

Best Linux Software Installation Guides

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