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About Our Way of Freedom

Hi! I’m David Ganz and as an Artist, Computer Scientist, Writer, Philosopher and Spiritual Expert I’ve Created tutorialforlinux.com.

Now my First, Motivation is in Realize how it’s Fundamental to Preserve and Share the Priceless Value of a Free and Independent IT Platform.

This also to strongly Affirm how the Treasure in Life Cannot be Found Outside, in mere Functionality, Productivity and Profit, but instead it Lies into our Soul.

And with a deep Artistic Awareness I consider also Essential to Develop the Greatest Freedom of Expression and Experience also in Computing, and so to witness it I try to give Support for All Known GNU/Linux Distros and Desktops without discrimination.

Again for the Human’s Spiritual Development I know how is Valuable to Think, to Act and to Be Different. And today this Important Insight has principally to be Shared and Pushed right into the Computing Worldwide Sphere.

Furthermore, every day more we are Limited into Jails, Jails often difficult to Perceive after attending an Educational Institution from the Tender Age.

And today a very Undertaken one is the Tech-Jail, the more Difficult to See the More Comfortable and Addictive it is!

Now with my Rebellious Artistic+Spiritual Attitude I’m Firmly Persuaded how there is No Canonical Point of View and so also the Inflexible Computing Support aim to be Painted in a Newly Inspired & Passionate Fashion.

Finally, I want to Point Out How I Make here a Fresh and New Artistically Humanized Step-by-step IT Presentation that Intend to Facilitate Access to the youngest and to Non-Specialists.

Thanks to R. Stallman, Linux Torvalds and All the GNU/Linux Developers for their Zealous Invaluable Work of Creating Free Computing Masterpieces!

Please be Forgivable with my Strange Childish & Free-Style like Language while Reading my Tutorials, I’m not an English mother tongue.
And moreover in many cases, I want Expressly to be Essential and Terse in the Technical Instructions with a KeyWordy Searching Language’s Style.

Now for better understanding I add some Bio. My first Education was in Fine Arts and I followed to Practice this all Time long, afterward, I was Applied in the Scientific studies for several years.

Then as I was always attracted by the Way of God and Jesus’s Gospels I have deepened my Spiritual Insight, and therefore in addition to Christianity I approached many Spiritual Ways.

This twenty years long Journey toward Orient was beginning with the Zen Buddhism but then it gradually expanded hugging among others also Tantric Buddhism, Taoism, Shivaism, Sufism and Induism Mystics.

After to have Achieved my Divine Target I began to think to find an Application of my Realization in some interesting Practical field.

So thanks to the Spirit I found in the GNU/Linux Free IT Way a Perfect Medium to Blow some Spirituality into a World of Things that become more and more Materialistic.

I mean an Experience where the Essentiality of Zen and the Metaphysical Values can be Reflected in Modern Technology.

Furthermore, I wanted also to become an online Pragmatic Teacher in a Way that helps to develop Freedom in IT.

This necessity is also derived from the fact that I have always detested the traditional school’s way of teaching.

Our Wonderful Planet is Now Devasted by the Proprietary Status, let Build a New Utopia of Freedom in the Cyber Space!

The Light of Freedom Shine Forever and Illuminates the Darkness of Selfishness.

Art + Science + Spirit + Philosophy + Pragmatism + Originality + Spontaneity + Freedom + Passion + Enthusiasm + Executeful + Joyful + Childish + Energy + Zeal, all this is in the tutorialforlinux.com IT Way!

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