How-to Run the PostgreSQL 9.x Server on Mac OS X after Installation Visual-Guide

July 7th, 2014 by Zen BSD

PostgreSQL 9.X Quick-Start for Mac OS X

The Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Getting-Started with PostgreSQL 9.X Database on Mac 10.9 Mavericks OS X.

As with every annual release, PostgreSQL 9.x includes many New Features to make working with PostgreSQL easier, more flexible and more fun for application developers, administrators and architects.

The New PostgreSQL Features include:

  • Additional JSON constructor and extractor methods
  • Automatically updatable VIEWs
  • Parallel pg_dump to speed backups of large databases

Further, PostgreSQL 9.4’s User-Defined Background Workers allow developers to write task managers, request handlers, parallel processors, queuing tools and other helper applications to enable PostgreSQL as a workload coordinator.

One example of this already released is Mongres, a background worker which accepts MongoDB queries, interprets them and passes them on to PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL 9.X Quick-Start for Mac OS X - Featured
  1. Getting-Started with Latest PostgreSQL on Mac OS X:

    PostgreSQL Quick-Start Mac
  2. Run the pgAdmin3 DB UI

  3. Start the PostgreSQL Server:

    Right-Click >> Connect
    PostgreSQL 9.X Quick-Start for Mac OS X - Start Server

  4. Authorize:

    PostgreSQL 9.X Quick-Start for Mac OS X - Authorize
    Insert the “postgres” User Pass!

    How-to Reset PostgreSQL Pass on Mac OS X:

    PostgreSQL Troubleshoot Mac
  5. Start Managing the Database Instances:

    PostgreSQL 9.X Quick-Start for Mac OS X - Managing DB

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