How to Boot Windows 7 From CD-DVD Visual Guide

November 14, 2014 | By Duchateaux.

Setting BIOS on Windows 7 to Boot from CD/DVD

This Easy Visual-Guide Simply Shows How to Setup BIOS on Windows 7 32/64-bit to Boot PC from CD-Rom/DVD Removable Media.

This is the First, Step to Achieve to Getting-Started with a GNU Linux Installation Top of Windows 7.

Boot Windows 7 from CD/DVD MediaBooting Up Windows 7 from CD/DVD - Featured
  1. On First, Boot Screen Hit F2 or Del/Canc to Enter BIOS.

    If it does Not Work Search for Instructions on Bottom of Screen…

  2. Navigate by Keyboard ‘Right-Arrow’ to the Boot Tab.

    Boot Windows 7 from CD/DVD Media - Boot Tab
  3. Select CD-ROM with the ‘Down-Arrow’
    Click ‘+’ Key and Bring CD-ROM to the Top.

    Boot Windows 7 from CD/DVD Media - Cdrom entry to the top
  4. Hit the ‘Esc’ Key.

  5. Tap ‘Enter’ to Confirm for ‘Exit Saving Changes’.

    Boot Windows 7 from CD/DVD Media - Exit Saving Changes
  6. How to Easy Install Linux Mint 17 Qiana on Windows 7

    Installing Mint 17 on Top of Win7
  7. Then Win 7 Should Boot Up from CD/DVD :)

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