How-to QuickStart with Gradle Automation Tool on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial LTS Linux Easy Guide

February 9th, 2016 by thelinuxevangelist

Latest Gradle QuickStart for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Linux

The Linux Tutorial Shows You Step-by-Step How-to Install and Getting-Started with the LLatest Gradle Enterprise Automation Tools for Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus LTS 32/64bit GNU/Linux Desktop/Server.

Gradle is the next evolutionary step in JVM-based build tools. It draws on lessons learned from established tools like Ant and Maven and takes their best ideas to the next level.

Following a build-by-convention approach, Gradle allows for declaratively modeling your problem domain using a powerful and expressive domain-specific language (DSL) implemented in Groovy instead of XML.

Gradle Evolved Automation Features:

  • Strong yet flexible conventions
  • Enterprise level control capabilities
  • Manageable and understandable builds

To the Gradle Installation Tutorial on Ubuntu Linux Bottom You will find a Link to Hello-World Gradle Build Script Guide.

Gradle Quick-Start for Ubuntu 16.04 Linux - Featured
  1. Download Latest Gradle Complete Release:

    Get Gradle All .zip
  2. Open a Shell session
    Ctrl+Alt+t on Desktop
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)

    Gradle Quick-Start for Ubuntu 16.04 Linux - Open Terminal
  3. How-to Install Recommended Oracle Java JDK on Ubuntu:

    Install Oracle JDK 7/8 for Ubuntu
  4. Check if Java Development Kit is Installed

    java -version
  5. Unzip Gradle Archive into /tmp

    unzip -d /tmp/ $HOME/Downloads/gradle*.zip
    rm $HOME/Downloads/gradle*.zip
  6. Relocate Gradle Archive

    sudo mv /tmp/gradle* /opt/

    If Got “User is Not in Sudoers file” then Look: Solution

  7. Add Gradle Env Variables and Set Path

    echo "GRADLE_HOME=/opt/gradle-[X.Y]" >> $HOME/.bashrc

    Just Replace the Gradle Version to [X.Y] in above Command

    echo 'export PATH=$PATH:$GRADLE_HOME/bin' >> $HOME/.bashrc

    Then to Load New SetUp:

  8. Testing Gradle Installation

    gradle -v
  9. (Optional) Speed Up Gradle Builds with Gradle Daemon

    echo "org.gradle.daemon=true" >> $HOME/.gradle/

    Once you have globally enabled the Gradle Daemon in this way, all your builds will take advantage a Speed Boost.

  10. Getting-Started with Gradle Automation Build Script:

    Gradle Build Script Example
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