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How-to Install uTorrent BitTorrent Client on Linux Mint 16 Petra 32/64bit Easy Guide

April 21st, 2014 by thelinuxevangelist | Comments Off | Filed in Tutorial

Getting-Started with uTorrent for Linux Mint 16 Petra

The Tutorial Show Step-by-Step How-to Install uTorrent Client on Linux Mint 16 Petra i386/amd64 Mate/Cinnamon/Kde/Xfce Desktop.

uTorrent is the #1 BitTorrent Client on Desktops Worldwide.

uTorrent Client for Linux Mint Features:

  • Tiny
  • Easy
  • Accessible
  • Innovative
  • Cuttin Edge
  • Intelligent

The Installation is quite Intricate and Require a little Patience but aftwer the Result is Worthwhile! ;)

Install uTorrent for Linux Mint 16 Petra - Featured
  1. Download uTorrent Client for Ubuntu 13.04:

    uTorrent .tar.gz for Ubuntu 32/64bit

  2. Double-Click on Archive and Extract uTorrent into /tmp

    Install uTorrent for Linux Mint 16 Petra - Extraction

  3. Open Terminal Window

    Install uTorrent for Linux Mint 16 Petra - Open Terminal
  4. Relocate uTorrent

    sudo su
    mv /tmp/utorrent* /opt/utorrent
  5. Extract uTorrent Web GUI

    cd /opt/utorrent
  6. Install ReQuired Package

    apt-get install libssl0.9.8
  7. Make uTorrent Directories

    mkdir /opt/utorrent/maint /opt/utorrent/torrents.queue /opt/utorrent/
  8. Create a uTorrent Configuration File

    nano /opt/utorrent/utserver.conf

    For Good Default Configuration File just Copy and Paste:

    # Configuration setting for uTorrent for Linux.
    # thelinuxevangelist - 2014-04-14
    # Command-Line for this config file:
    # ./utserver -settingspath /your_path/utorrent-server-v3_0/settings/ -configfile /your_path/utorrent-server-v3_0/utserver.conf
    # * Make sure all directories exist prior to starting utserver, else you will get unwanted results.
    # * If you're making changes to an existing config file (utserver.conf), be sure to delete or rename the settings files. They'll be recreated upon
    # startup.
    # PREFERRED_INTERFACE (string): Default=“”. If defined, name of network interface to be preferred when attempting to search among network interfaces for an external IP and hardware address.
    #preferred_interface: eth0
    # BIND_IP
    # UT_WEBUI_PORT (integer): Default=8080. Port for HTTP interface.
    # ut_webui_port: 6880
    # DIR_ROOT (string): Default=“”. If not empty, dir_active, dir_completed, and dir_torrent_files are relative to this directory.
    dir_root: /opt/utorrent/
    # UT_WEBUI_DIR (string): Default="". Directory where the web UI file archive is stored, or which contains a webui subdirectory within which the unarchived web UI files are stored.
    ut_webui_dir: /opt/utorrent/webui/
    # DIR_ACTIVE (string): Default=“./”. Directory in which currently downloaded data is saved.
    dir_active: /opt/utorrent/
    # DIR_COMPLETED (string): Default=“”. Directory where completed downloads are stored. If the value is an empty string, the value of dir_active is used.
    dir_completed: /home/<userid>/Downloads/
    # DIR_DOWNLOAD (string): Default=“”. Optional directory where completed downloads can be stored, instead of in dir_completed. If no value is specified for this setting, the value of dir_completed is used.
    # dir_download: /home/<userid>/Downloads/
    # dir_download: /home/<userid>/Music/
    # dir_download: /home/<userid>/Videos/
    # DIR_TORRENT_FILES (string): Default=“”. Directory where torrent files are stored. If the empty string, the value of dir_active is used.
    # dir_torrent_files: /your_path/utorrent-server-v3_0/
    # DIR_TEMP_FILES (string): Default="". Directory where temporary files are stored. If the empty string, the value of dir_active is used.
    dir_temp_files: /opt/utorrent/tmp
    # DIR_AUTOLOAD (string): Default=“”. Directory where torrent files will be recognized and auto-loaded. If the empty string, auto-load is disabled.
    dir_autoload: /opt/utorrent/torrents.queue/
    # DIR_AUTOLOAD_DELETE (bool): Default=false. If true, torrent files in the autoload directory will be deleted after being loaded, else they will be renamed with an extension of .loaded. The dir_autoload setting must be specified for this setting to have an effect.
    # dir_autoload_delete: 0
    # DIR_REQUEST (string): Default=“”. Directory where maintenance request files will be recognized, loaded, and deleted. If the empty string, maintenance request handling is disabled.
    dir_request: /opt/utorrent/maint
    # UPNP (bool): Default=true. If true, UPNP functionality for mapping ports is used by utserver.
    # NATPMP (bool): Default=true. If true, NAT-PMP functionality for mapping ports is used by utserver.
    # LSD (bool): Default=true. If true, Local Service Discovery is enabled.
    # DHT (bool): Default=true. If true, Distributed Hash Table extension is enabled.
    # PEX (bool): Default=true. If true, Peer Exchange extension is enabled.
    # RATE_LIMIT_LOCAL_PEERS (bool): Default=false. If true, rate limiting also applies to communications with peers in the local subnet.
    # DISK_CACHE_MAX_SIZE (integer): Default=0. Maximum amount of memory used (in MB) by each of the read, write, and piece caches. Maximum value is 512.
    # ADMIN_NAME (string): Default=“admin”. If defined, this name must be supplied (along with the password) when authenticating to the server via the HTTP interface.
    # ADMIN_PASSWORD (string): Default=“”. If defined, this password must be supplied (along with the name) when authenticating to the server via the HTTP interface.
    # LOGMASK (integer): Default=0. A mask whose bits when set allow certain categories of log messages to be generated.
    # ∙ 3 - send have
    # ∙ 6 - hole punch
    # ∙ 7 - got bad piece request
    # ∙ 8 - trace
    # ∙ 9 - piece picker
    # ∙ 10 - got bad cancel
    # ∙ 11 - got bad unchoke
    # ∙ 12 - got bad piece
    # ∙ 13 - rss
    # ∙ 14 - rss error
    # ∙ 15 - got have
    # ∙ 16 - got bad have
    # ∙ 17 - error
    # ∙ 18 - aggregated
    # ∙ 19 - disconnect
    # ∙ 20 - out connect
    # ∙ 21 - in connect
    # ∙ 22 - UPnP
    # ∙ 23 - UPnP error
    # ∙ 24 - NATPMP
    # ∙ 25 - NATPMP error
    # ∙ 26 - metadata finish
    # ∙ 27 - web UI
    # ∙ 28 - got bad reject
    # ∙ 29 - pex
    # ∙ 30 - peer messages
    # ∙ 31 - blocked connect
    # BIND_PORT (integer): Default=6881. Port used for BitTorrent protocol. This can be any value in the range 1025-65000.
    # MAX_UL_RATE (integer): Default=-1. Maximum total upload rate in kilobytes per second. -1 means unlimited.
    # MAX_UL_RATE_SEED (integer): Default=-1. Maximum per-torrent upload rate when seeding, in kilobytes per second. -1 means unlimited.
    # CONNS_PER_TORRENT (integer): Default=50. Maximum number of connections for a given torrent.
    # MAX_TOTAL_CONNECTIONS (integer): Default=200. Maximum number of connections opened at the same time.
    # AUTO_BANDWIDTH_MANAGEMENT (boolean): Default=true. If true, upload bandwidth is automatically throttled in order to not impact other applications using TCP/IP.
    # MAX_DL_RATE (integer): Default=-1. Maximum total download rate in kilobytes per second. -1 means unlimited.
    # SEED_RATIO (integer): Default=0. Seed ratio in percent (%). If not 0, seeding will stop after reaching this upload/download ratio.
    # SEED_TIME (integer): Default=0. Time after which seeding will stop, in seconds. 0 means seeding won’t stop.

    This is Needed also to Make the Downloads Persistent…

  9. Starting uTorrent

    sudo utorrent -settingspath /opt/utorrent/
  10. To Connect by WebGui Best to Install Google-Chrome Browser

    Installing Chrome for Linux Mint

    Connect on:


    Default Access:

    admin: ‘admin’

    pass: ”

    To Change Settings look on utserver.conf…

  11. How-to Create a uTorrent Launcher on Linux Mint Desktop:

    How Launcher for Mint

Install uTorrent for Linux Mint 16 Petra - uTorrent Web GUI

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