BBEdit 9/10 How to Indent-Unindent a Block or Selection of Code

October 19, 2011 | By Regaz | Filed in: Uncategorized.
  1. If you have a non-US Keyboard Layout your need first to Edit your Keystrokes Shortcuts:
    • Set BBEdit Shortcuts:
      Preferences > Menus > Text


      BBEdit > Preferences > Menus & Shortcuts

      You will need to Find an Unused Shortcut Keystroke.

    • You can give as New Keystrokes Cmd plus the Substitutes in your Layout of the “]” and the “]” Keys…
      So to Indent your Selected Block of Code you simply Set as Shortcuts:

      Instead to Unindent your Selected Block:


      For “KeyOfYourChoices1” you can Take for example Just the Substitutes in your Layout of the “]” and “]” Keys…

    • You can change also the Shortcuts for Insert Space and Delete Space.
      After to Insert a Space you type:

      Instead to Delete a Space: