nano Editor How-to Go to End of File or Latest Line

February 7th, 2012 by Regaz

How-to Go to Last Line on nano Editor

The Tip show How-to Go the End of File or the Last Line on Linux/Unix nano Editor.

On Mac OS X you may need to Activate the ‘Alt’ as Meta Key on Terminal…

nano editor go to last line - Featured

How-to Go to the End-Of-File/Last-Line with the nano Editor:

Try One of the following Keystroke Combinations:

  1. First Go 1 Line Down by the Arrow

  2. Then Try one of these Keys Combitantion

    • Esc+/
    • Alt+/
    • Meta(Cmd/Win)+/
    • On a Mac Look How-to Activate the Meta Key on Terminal:

      Mac Terminal Meta Key Setup

Type ‘Ctrl+g‘ to Get Help! ‘Ctrl+x’ to Close Up the Help Menu…

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