Unix How to Install VMWare Tools on FreeBSD 9 Easy Visual-Guide

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This is Another WoW-Guide that Lead you Step-by-Step to Successfully Installing the VMWare Tools on FreeBSD 9!

Just Take the Time of Carefully Looking, Reading and Following the Detailed Instructions and Commands Contained in this Guide.

You need to know that the VMWare Tools Installed and Working will Grant you a Much More Pleasant Journey with FreeBSD 9 on VMWare…

With the VMWare Tools Installed you will Easily Resize your Virtual Screen and Switch between Guest and Host OS.

Install VMWare Tools on FreeBSD 9 0

  1. Start the VMWare Tools Installation:
    Virtual Machine >> Install VMWare Tools

    Before to Start the Installation you Need to have the CDRom Unmounted… If Not the Window Containing the Tools will Not Pop-Up.
    If you Need to Unmount/Eject the CDRom go to Places, Open a Window and Eject the CDRom.

    Install VMWare Tools on FreeBSD 9 2
  2. If is a First Time Install you will Need to Wait until Automatic Tools Download:
    Install VMWare Tools on FreeBSD 9 3
  3. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)
  4. Install Kernel Extension and Compile Custom Kernel:

    FreeBSD 9 Kernel Tutorials
  5. Reboot to Load the Custom Kernel!
  6. Under VMWare Connect the Virtual DVD Containing the Iso Image of the VMWare Toools
  7. To Rend it Disposable you Need to Mount the Iso Image as Virtual CD
    mkdir /cdrom
    umount /dev/cd0
    mount_cd9660 /dev/cd0 /cdrom
  8. The Extraction Section is Performed on a FreeBSD Desktop and if you have a Server you Need to Extract by Commands…

  9. Open a File Manager Window(here is the KDE Dolphin) and Double Click “cdrom0”:
    Install VMWare Tools on FreeBSD 9 4
  10. Double-Click on the VMWare Tools Box:
    Install VMWare Tools on FreeBSD 9 5
  11. Choose Location to Extract the Tools:
    Install VMWare Tools on FreeBSD 9 6
  12. Extract the Tools:
    Install VMWare Tools on FreeBSD 9 7
  13. Access the Directory Containing the Tools
  14. Start the VMWare Tools Installation

    Follow to Accept All the Proposed Default Setting Until Achievement.

  15. VMWare Tools Troubleshootings
  16. Finally, to Enable VMWare Tools without Logout
  17. VMware-Tools Installation Guides for Other Linux Distros:

    How to Install the VMWare Tools on Linux Distros

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