Howto Install/Setup and Getting-Started Python Selenium Webdriver for Linux

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This Article Shows You How to Get Installed the Python Selenium Webdriver on Linux.

Here Below you will Find also a Link to Get Installed also the Chromedriver for Selenium on Linux.

Relax and Take the Time of Reading, Understanding and Executing the Instructions and Commands Delineated.

Linux Selenium Penguin
  1. Open a Terminal Window
    (Press “Enter” to Execute Commands)
  2. Check if Python Setuptools are Installed
    which easy_install

    If Not Find a Guide to Install the Python Setuptools on your Linux Distro…

  3. Install the Python Pip Package
    easy_install pip
  4. Install the Selenium Webdriver
    pip install selenium
  5. Sample Test on Python ConsoleOpen a New Terminal Window.
    <<< from selenium import webdriver
    <<< driver = webdriver.Firefox()

    To Confirm the Selenium Webdriver Successful Installation you should Perceive a Popping Up Firefox Browser Window.

  6. Install/Setup Selenium Chromedriver for Linux:

    Chromedriver Setup for Linux

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