How to Install Evernote amd64 for Linux Lubuntu 12.10 Quantal 64-bit Easy Visual-Guide

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The Guide Simply Shows How to Install the Evernote Linux Clone x8664 on Lubuntu 12.10 Quantal Amd64 Lxde Desktop.

The Post have Included the Screenshots of the Process Visualization and Installation Easier and More Plesant.

To the Article Botton you will Find a Link to Article Containing the Getting-Started with Evernote on Lubuntu Lxde Desktop.

Nevernote on Ubuntu

  1. Download the Evernote Linux Clone:

    Nevernote amd64.deb
  2. To Start Installation Double-Click on .deb Package/p>

  3. Click on Install Package

    In a couple of seconds you will Find Nevernote Successfully Installed on Linux Lubuntu :)

    Linux Lubuntu 12 Start Evernote Linux Clone InstallationLinux Lubuntu 12 Evernote Linux Clone Installation Success
  4. Start Ninxnote

    KickOff >> Internet >> Ninxote

    Linux Lubuntu 12 Start Nixnote on Applications Menu
  5. Getting-Started with Evernote on Ubuntu Linux

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